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Sandawha Skincare – Korean Beauty

Naturkosmetik von Sandawha basiert auf der roten Kamelie, der Camellia japonica. Sie bietet mit ihrem kalt gepressten Kameliensamenöl und -Extrakt die wirksamen Hauptinhaltsstoffe der veganen Kosmetiklinie. #naturalcosmetic #naturalskincare #naturkosmetik

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7 Amazing Homemade Beauty Products with Aloe Vera

Aloe is so versatile, that we use is almost everywhere: cooking, medicine, cosmetics, skincare and haircare. If we were to use more scientific terms, aloe had antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties while still being gentle on the skin- but what do these terms mean exactly?  Moisturizes – aloe is famous for its moisturizing …

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